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Insuring Your Deposits

On May 20, 2009, legislation extending the increase of FDIC Deposit Insurance coverage to $250,000 through 2013 was signed into law.


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At Home Federal we offer a complete array of deposit accounts designed to provide you with ease of access, security and products that fit the way you live. We pride ourselves in knowing our customers and assisting them in developing a group of deposit accounts to meet their individual needs. As an FDIC insured institution, Home Federal offers you investments that can be fully insured even if they exceed $100,000, provided they are properly established under FDIC rules.


The brochure provided by the FDIC titled “How Your Deposits are Insured” (PDF) can guide you through the different types of insured deposits. Please review this guide and call or visit one of our offices for more information or assistance. We want your deposits to be insured and will help you meet the FDIC requirements.


Additionally, Home Federal provides another FULLY INSURED product to help you maintain your investments locally, even when your deposits exceed maximum FDIC coverage with us. The CDARs (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry) allows you the convenience of one-stop fully insured deposit accounts up to $50 million. Click here for a full explanation of the CDARs product.