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E-mail phishing

We have provided you with volumes of information concerning fraud and identity theft, but feel we need to notify you of another threat which is becoming more common. E-mail phishing is an attempt via e-mail to acquire your identifying information (passwords, social security number, etc.) by appearing to be an official communication from your bank or other service provider. These fraudulent e-mails look very much like a real or legitimate request for information from us or others and generally contain actual bank logos to make them seem official. From time to time you may receive e-mails from Home Federal to tell you about a product or service, but they will notsolicit confidential or sensitive customer information such as account numbers, personal identification numbers, or passwords and social security numbers.


Keep in mind that, if you are already our customer, we have your information on file and so should other businesses with whom you have accounts and might occasionally communicate information to you by e-mail.


Any attempt to acquire information from you in this manner should be reported immediately to us at (606) 324-7196. Also, call us if you need more information about this problem.


If you believe you have become victim of a phishing scam, you need to know that the personal information you provided to the perpetrator may be used by them to establish accounts or obtain credit at other businesses in your name. You should contact the legitimate business involved and immediately change password and login information on accounts involved.


Contact credit reporting services and have a fraud alert attached to your credit report file.


Monitor the activity in your accounts closely on any accounts involved in the scam and report any suspicious activity immediately.


Visit the Federal Trade Commission website at www.ftc.gov for more information or visit www.consumer.gov/idtheft to file a complaint and learn how to minimize your risk of damage from identity theft.


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